lt may look like an ordinary soft drink but DeLaVie is so much more – containing a high dose vitamin complex, combined with beneficial herbal extracts found in the SWISS ALPS, La Boisson DeLaVie - The Drink of Life - is unique due to its combination of complimenting vitamins and Swiss Herbs in a ready to drink delicious formulae that is easy to absorb.

Have a taste and make it part of your daily nutrition. Who and why do we recommend to drink DeLaVie?


La Boisson DeLaVie, also known as “The Drink of Life” is a non carbonated drink consisting of high functioning doses of vitamins. The Drink of Life has been carefully formulated to help supply the body with essential nutrients that helps boost the immune system and also aid in the healthy function of the digestive, nervous and respiratory system

To help keep this complex drink functioning worldwide, Swiss Laboratory owns the licence to a manufacturing process that maintains a high standard of production. DeLaVie also has an edge of difference with an introduction of original swiss herb extracts which have been carefully chosen to help compliment the vitamins. This combination helps target vital functions of the body which supports your health.

This drink is made of natural fruit juices and mineral water and has low carbohydrates and calories. DeLaVie is proud to be free of the artificial sweeteners, colourings and preservatives. This is all thanks to the latest pasteurising method we have adopted at Swiss Laboratory. The formulation of DeLaVie ensures that the body is effectively absorbing the high dose of vitamins in our system.