Vegan and no GMO

DeLaVie is a European product that has been introduced into Australia. It is a Multi-Vitamin Supplement Drink that is in a delicious ready to drink 250mL can. Its is a non-carbonated, and contains none of the usual nasties. While it does contain some sugar from fruit concentrates, carbohydrates and raw cane sugar.

We will be having a low sugar formula coming out shortly.

Having DeLaVie certified VEGAN was important to our company. We realise that there is a large number of people that subscribe to a plant based diet for various reasons and that they have been somewhat overlooked in many areas. One often thinks that because we are eating a lot of vegetables we will be healthy.

Due to over farming, pesticides etc the vitamin content in our food is lower and the demands on our body is higher. This is true for Vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

We believe everyone needs Vitamin Supplements and we believe DeLaVie delivers them in a delicious easy to drink format

A plant based, Vegan and Vegetarian diets can have some areas of concern regarding its lack of Vitamin B12 specifically.

DeLaVie for Vegans and Vegetarians.

DeLavie is a great source of vegan multivitamin supplements. Vitamin B12 supplements are one of the harder vitamins to obtain from a plant based diet. DeLaVie is an ideal and convenient source of B12. DeLaVie be sure you are getting what your body needs- and in a way that your body can absorb. B12 deficiencies are on the rise as much as a plant based diet is increasing. 


Like all athletes that want to perform at peak capacity, supplements are needed to replenish the and support the extra strain placed on the body by harsh training and vigorous exercise. Get the assurance of getting the vitamins your body needs while remaining true to your values and ethics. Vitamin B12 is particularly important for Vegans and Vegetarians alike.